Best Workout Diet That Boost The Fat Loss

No matter how hard you exercise and what type of exercises you adhere to, not eating the proper diet can make your efforts go wasted. When you unintentionally follow diets that promise great results but are in reality preventing you from your goal, you can end up frustrated and disillusioned.

Here are some tips on how you can maximize the effect of your workouts with the right foods.

Adding fat to the diet

Many people develop a phobia for fats with all that they hear and read about how fats harm their weight loss efforts. There are several good fats that can be added to your meal like seeds, coconut oil, nuts, avocado etc. which give you the boost needed for enduring the intensive workout routines. Having the sufficient amount of fat in your diet is essential to balance the weight and nutrition you need. Fat has various benefits like

  • Delays the emptying of stomach and also suppresses hunger and keeps you feeling full for a longer period.
  • Increases the absorption of antioxidants, which is necessary for being lean according to recent studies.
  • Increases metabolic rate, which helps in burning more calories.

Healing or reconstruction in the body cannot happen without fat, so cutting out too much of it can lead to perpetual hunger, irritability, weak immunity, depression and increased injury risk. Adding the right fats in the required amount will keep up your stamina and help your workouts.


Foods before workout

Lean proteins, fiber rich carbs, healthy fats and proper hydration should be focused on before you start your workouts. The carbs give you quick energy, protein gives nutrients and vital oxygen for muscles and fluid keeps your body performing well. Moderate amounts of protein and carbs, low fiber and fat and sufficient fluid is necessary, before you work out. While water is sufficient for keeping you hydrated, sports drinks that are high in carbs, sodium and fluids are necessary, if you exercise in humid and hot conditions and when you sweat a lot. If the exercise is a light one, like a walk or jog in the morning, drinking water alone is sufficient. But for intensive exercises you need proper fuel that has easily digestible carbs.

After workout diet

Binging on foods after a workout is not advised, but you need to eat right to regain the balance. After a workout you need to give enough sustenance to your body, so it can heal and repair after the intense workouts. In addition to the training, the recovery period when the muscles mend and metabolism is boosted is the time when you get muscular and fit. So the post workout diet should include foods that replenish the nutrients and antioxidants, make the muscles heal, improve circulation and to replenish the glycogen stores, so you get sufficient energy and finally fluids that rehydrate you.

It doesn’t matter what type of carb, protein or hydrating food you eat as long as it is healthy and in the right quantities. This will give you a fast recovery and better results.