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Dieting and Weight Loss: How Correlated Are They?

Diet literally relates to the fluids and foods of a particular culture or person. But the emerging lifestyle changes have changed diet into a powerful incarnation altering it to a highly restrictive and temporary diet for losing weight. read more

Best Workout Diet That Boost The Fat Loss

No matter how hard you exercise and what type of exercises you adhere to, not eating the proper diet can make your efforts go wasted. When you unintentionally follow diets that promise great results but are in reality preventing you from your goal, you can end up frustrated and disillusioned. read more

Top Myths That Keep You From Getting Fit and Healthy

Granted losing weight is not that easy a task to accomplish. But what make the entire weight loss effort futile is the numerous myths that surround dieting. Most often people are led around in circles with these myths resulting in ending up adding more weight than what they started out with. Here are some myths and the real facts behind them. read more

Nutrition and Exercise: Keeping the scales balanced for a fit and healthy body

Have you been religiously adhering to a steady exercise routine and not getting the promised results? Chances are that you are not paying attention to two key factors in fitness – nutrition and exercise. read more

9 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

In today’s eat-and-run culture, maintaining a healthy body weight can be a tough challenge and losing weight – tougher. If you’ve already tried dieting and failed to lose weight, you may think that you’re not cut for dieting. read more

How to Eat Healthy

A healthy diet makes you look and feel great! Your body gets nutrients and energy from food to function properly. If you’re not eating a healthy & balanced diet, you could be putting your health at risk. Eating well doesn’t necessarily mean giving up all your favourite delicacies. A healthy diet means eating a variety of foods that can give you get all the nutrients you need, with the right number of calories. read more