Dieting and Weight Loss: How Correlated Are They?

Diet literally relates to the fluids and foods of a particular culture or person. But the emerging lifestyle changes have changed diet into a powerful incarnation altering it to a highly restrictive and temporary diet for losing weight.

Why diets are ineffective?

Though diets help you lose weight, a majority of people who lose weight regain it within five years. This is because of various reasons.

  • Dieting being a temporary food plan does not give any permanent results.
  • Further most diets are restrictive inducing a diet and binging cycle, which further slows down the process.
  • The restrictive diets can make you lose the entire pleasure of eating and make you hate meal times.
  • The diets can also harm you as they do not mostly contain a balanced nutrition plan.
  • Can bring on severe eating disorders.

Further in the name of dieting you are liable to waste your time, effort and money on the numerous fad diets that are peddled as giving guaranteed overnight relief. And in some cases of obesity and increased weight gain, you need proper treatment modules for the weight loss to be effective.


Permanent weight loss

The best way to lose weight permanently is to take up a healthy eating plan that is well complemented by regular workout sessions. Controlling the food portions and skipping on the high calorie laden foods is a healthy choice that can lead you onto good eating habits, but abstaining from meals by starving yourself will only backfire.

Restrict the liquid calories

Since body does not respond to liquid calories as it does to solid food, you can easily consume excess calories when you drink sports drinks, sweetened tea, alcoholic beverages and even juice. By limiting the quantity of juice you intake, you can cut down a great portion of the useless calories you add on daily.

Minor changes give great benefits

By introducing minor alterations in the way you eat your food, you can tighten the control on the calories you take in. By restricting the amount of foods you store in the pantry and fridge, keeping tempting foods far from your easy reach and using smaller plates, bowls and glasses will prevent you from eating large portions.

Exercise wisely

Basically to burn calories effectively, you need to do half an hour of cardio workouts a minimum of five times in a week with an additional strength training done twice a week. But you can burn calories as effectively by doing lifestyle based physical activity like taking the stairs instead of lift, walking to work by getting off one stop early, engaging in active hobbies like taking dance lessons etc. The advances in technology like washing machines, dishwashers, elevators and cars make it difficult to burn calories. Trying to add in as much activity as possible will help in better calorie burn.

When you begin on your weight loss program early in life, you can increase self-confidence and control indulgent tendencies, so you can avoid reverting to unhealthy choices. By resorting to making better choices which you will not leave off that easily, you can speed up losing weight without having to sweat over the diet choices.