Nutrition and Exercise: Keeping the scales balanced for a fit and healthy body

Have you been religiously adhering to a steady exercise routine and not getting the promised results? Chances are that you are not paying attention to two key factors in fitness – nutrition and exercise.

When you fail to achieve the right balance of the calories you take in and the calories you burn, the balance needed for a fit and healthy body is not achieved. So however hard you try at the different forms of exercise, you end up losing very little amount of weight.

Calorie influence

When you do a really tough workout session giving your maximum effort, you end up burning the calories, increasing the metabolism and also increasing your hunger. This makes you eat more and add on an equal amount of calories that you had so painstakingly shed. But the situation is not as depressing, as you need to do a few changes only to get your fitness on the right track.

Numbers and weight loss

The bare facts about workouts are that they don’t give you as much calorie burning efficiency as you’d imagined. If your personal fitness instructor says that each session of intensive workout burns 1000 calories, it is a gross exaggeration. The calories burnt during exercise are influenced by many factors like, weight, age, metabolic rate, hormonal changes and body temperature.

These factors are difficult to assess and whatever calibrating machines you use, an exact value is difficult to arrive at. So instead of worrying about numbers you need to focus on the perceived effort or the difficulty quotient of the workout to know about the intensity. When you do a particular workout, the last couple of reps should be hard to complete if not, you need to increase the reps or add on the weights.


Workout tricks

When you do your cardio workouts, instead of developing a steady rhythm of the session, including short speed bursts in between will jolt your body into awareness and increase the calorie burn. When you start with a warm up, increase your workout to the maximum effort you can sustain for 30 seconds and then slow down for a short span, say about three minutes. This should be done in 6 repetitions. For a faster calorie burn, you can adjust the sprint and the slow down or recovery for one minute.

Nutritional neglect

While most people try out different types of workouts, they fail to consider the nutritional aspect, which is the main reason for the lack of effectiveness of the workout sessions. Post workout sessions egg you on to splurge on a high calorie diet, as a treat for your hard work. This just adds up more calories than what you burnt during the workouts.

And refraining from activity all day, just because you have done your share of workout for the day, binging on foods would only work against you. The best way is to take in the right amount of post calorie workout, so your muscles recover and the glycogen supplies are restored and not over accumulated. A proper blend of protein and high fiber carbs would go a long way in maintaining the balance. When you eat the proper diet, it will complement you workouts and help you lose weight in a healthy way and keep you fit always.