Top Myths That Keep You From Getting Fit and Healthy

Granted losing weight is not that easy a task to accomplish. But what make the entire weight loss effort futile is the numerous myths that surround dieting. Most often people are led around in circles with these myths resulting in ending up adding more weight than what they started out with. Here are some myths and the real facts behind them.

Cut down fat and get healthy

While it is a general consensus that fat is bad for health, and for your weight loss efforts, you need to know that your body needs a particular amount of fat for its normal functioning. Fat is essential for

  •  Repair of tissues
  • Energy supply
  • Transports vitamins A, E, D and K in the body.

To prevent fat from causing harm to your weight loss efforts, instead of sticking to a fat free diet, you should focus on cutting down the saturated fats and adding the unsaturated fats in moderation.

Eating in moderation is beneficial

There are weight loss proponents who opine that there are no foods that are good or bad. Everything when taken in moderation is right. But the fact is that there are some foods that do not appear in the nutrition chart at all like a French fries, which cannot even come in the vicinity of a baked potato. When you allow the moderation, it encourages people to binge. While it is okay to eat calorie laden foods occasionally, you need to emphasize on the healthy and fresh foods to get the real benefits.


Fat ups the fullness quotient

For many years it had been assumed that fat is the last to get digested, so leaves you feeling full for longer periods. But research done of fat digestion has proved that the quantity of fat or sugar does not have any influence of the fullness quotient. Moreover fat contains twice the amount of calories than what a carbohydrate or protein food has.

The true fact here is that protein is what keeps you feeling full for long periods and foods richer in fiber and whole grain foods have a positive impact of the feeling of fullness you get. Adding plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fiber rich foods is the trick to keep you eating less and feeling full for longer periods.

Veggies alone are not enough for muscle buildup

There has been a misconception among fitness experts that meat eaters only can gain a muscular and fit body. The fact is vegetarian foods have much more healthier and fit ingredients than the meats. Grains, pulses, nuts and cheese can give you more protein than what meat eaters can gain. And another important thing about protein is that eating more protein than you need, can damage the kidneys. A balanced diet where you have 50 percent of energy from the carbs you eat, 35 percent from the fats and 15 percent from foods rich in protein is the ideal one to give you the desired body build.

Late night foods are bad

Eating late at night is not recommended by many diets, the reason being that the fats are not burnt off due to lack of activity. Research has revealed that it is not the time of the day that matters, but the amount of food you eat in day that counts. The best way to keep the weight in check is to eat regularly all though the day.